Air Quality

8 Easy Steps to Improve Your Air Quality

Fun Fact:

You breathe 3,400 gallons of air a day on average.

Indoor air quality is a topic most people pass right over, as they probably assume their air is as clean as they keep their home. However, you’d be surprised what hidden threats lie within it.

Your Bathroom
Dampness and humidity from your shower can cause mold.

Your Bedroom
If you have a ceiling fan in your bedroom, or anywhere else in your home, the dust and allergens that collect on the blades can sprinkle on furniture.

Carpets and Furniture
Dust mites love to roam around furniture and carpets.

Carbon monoxide can be produced from leaks and exhaust from your appliances.

Wall and Floor Openings
Radon can be produced from wall and floor openings that are in contact with the ground.

Now, take a breather. (Pun intended.)

Utilize these 8 very simple ways to ensure that your air quality is in top-notch shape.

1. Dust Your Home Regularly
This is key, as it will prevent the buildup of dust and allergens.

2. Change Your Filters
Not only should you replace your filters regularly, but make sure you choose an effective one. You want a filter that catches at least 85% of large air pollutants.

3. Wash and Vacuum
Cut down on dust buildup by washing your bedding and vacuuming your carpet on a weekly basis.

4. Ventilate
Kitchen and bathroom ventilation fans rid the air of pollution.

5. Maintain Humidity
Keep your humidity between 30% to 50%.

6. Radon Testing
Make sure your home is gas-free with a radon test kit.

7. Carbon Monoxide Testing
Have a carbon monoxide alarm installed and regularly test your home for this toxin.

8. Open Your Windows and Doors
The easiest step of all! Get some fresh air circulating through your home to increase your air quality.

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