Go Green With Your HVAC System

4 Ways to Go Green With Your HVAC System

Spring is just about here, and with it comes a whole lot of green. At SMART, we’re going green as well – and we’re starting with advice for your HVAC system. Of course, these tips are better for the environment, but they’ll allow you to keep more “green” in your wallet as well.

Here are 4 Ways to Go Green With Your HVAC System.

1) Replace Your Old System With a New One
Not only do old HVAC systems break down, they also lose efficiency as they age. The less efficient they become, the more energy they use. While any new system will outperform an old one, ENERGY STAR systems are the most efficient around. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s the right size for your home. The more it cycles on and off, the more energy is wasted.

2) Get Your Hands on a Programmable Thermostat

There aren’t many advantages to having a manual thermostat. In fact, we can’t really think of any at all. Programmable thermostats allow you to set a specific temperature during the day while you’re out and about. We recommend easing off the heating and cooling at night by about 10 degrees as well. These small changes can slash your energy usage and costs in no time.

3) Use Natural Lighting to Control Temperature

Anyone with west facing windows knows just how hot the room can get as the afternoon sets in. In winter, you can use this to your advantage, but as the weather warms up, it can become an issue. Make sure you’re utilizing your blinds, curtains, and shades effectively to heat and cool each room naturally as much as possible.

4) Make Sure Everything Is Installed Properly

While Uncle Chuck might have you convinced he can install that new unit for nothing more than a six-pack of his favorite beer – that’s probably not the best road to travel down. Even if he gets it up and running, he may not do so as effectively and efficiently as a professional undoubtedly would. It may save you money right away, but it’ll cost you in the long run. Plus, we’re currently offering a $200 rebate on all AC and furnace replacements until June 30, 2016. Take advantage while you can!

replacing your furnace

Replacing Your Furnace After Winter Is SMART: Here’s Why

No doubt about it, winter takes a toll on your average, everyday furnace. After running all season for years on end, your furnace has almost certainly accrued some mileage. If the repair bills are starting to mount, or if you know they’re probably right on the horizon, it makes sense to start replacing your furnace and get everything taken care of for good right now. Here’s why.

1) You’ll save money.

As mentioned above, it’s best to get ahead of repair costs. Think of your furnace as a car. You can replace the tires, the muffler, and the brakes, but that’s not going to stop the other parts from eventually breaking down. If you’ve begun the process of having your furnace fixed in one way or another, it’s only a matter of time before you’re going to need it fixed more frequently. Get ahead of it and cut your losses before it’s too late.

And speaking of saving money…

2) We’re offering an exclusive rebate.

Schedule your furnace replacement before June 30th, and we’ll toss in a $200 rebate free of charge. Take note that this specific rebate is completely exclusive to SMART customers. Many other companies will try to sell you on the manufacturer rebates that are offered to pretty much everyone. Of course, we include those too, but we’re always looking to take it one step further in an effort to make it easier on you.

3) Right now, there’s lower demand.

We’re pretty proud of our turnaround time at all times of year, but if there was ever a time to pounce on our deftness, it’s now. Many people wait until they’re huddled around their ovens in the dead of winter to schedule an appointment. Of course, that’s probably not the best way to go about it.

A small tip, if you have a pilot light, you’re way past due. Odds are your unit is at least 25 years old, which means you’ll soon be hit with hefty repair bills if you haven’t been paying them already.

So don’t wait until it breaks. Keep your house temperature regulated, keep your energy costs down, and take advantage of the timing with our exclusive rebate. Replacing your furnace after winter is SMART.