Stop Freezing in Your Home

Stop Freezing in Your Home

After a long day at work and battling rush hour traffic, there’s nothing more miserable than coming home to a freezing home, especially when you have a heating system installed.

If this describes your situation, here’s how you can fix it:

Clean Your Filters
This is typically the most common issue. Clean these and you’ll have heat in no time. We always emphasize the importance of keeping your air filters clean not only for proper air flow but for the best air quality as well.

Unblock Vents
This can be a common issue, too. Make sure your vents are completely open and without furniture and rugs blocking them so heat can properly circulate.

Rid of Windows and Floor Gaps
These gaps cause heat to escape. If gaps are larger than a width of a nickel, you’ll need to use caulk to seal them.

Is Your Home Fall Ready? Use This Checklist

Insulate Your Attic
If you don’t have insulation, or are looking to add more insulation, it should be at a 12” minimum. Insulation is also great to avoid mold, pests, and even fires.

Check Your Refrigerator
Yes, this sounds silly, but you’d be surprised how often your refrigerator isn’t completely closed. A slightly opened refrigerator can have quite the effect on the temperature of your home, so check this regularly.

Use Your Fireplace Less
Believe it or not, your fireplace can cause your home to become cooler. This is because your chimney exhausts as much heated air as a 48-inch opened window can. Due to this, the heated air is replaced with lots of cool air and is distributed among other places within your home.

Call a Professional
A SMART technician can make sure everything from your heat exchange to the blower belt of your furnace are in top-notch shape to keep you warm all fall and winter long.

Stop freezing in your home and schedule an appointment with us today.

Noisy Furnace

Noisy Furnace? Read This.

Yes, we know you’re trying to hold on to the last bits of semi-warm weather before the fall temperatures come in full effect – but it’s time to “think fall” for your HVAC units.

The last time you used your furnace was probably early spring, right? So who really knows the condition of your furnace at the moment?

First, we recommend running your furnace. 79 degrees or higher is an ideal temperature to run when making sure your furnace is working properly.

And while you’re running your furnace, the most important thing to do is to check for sounds. This will be the key factor in knowing whether your furnace needs to be repaired or replaced.

Noisy Furnace

The best way to know if your furnace needs to be repaired or replaced is by having a SMART technician stop by before cooler weather sets in. Reach out today.

Fall 2016 HVAC Checklist

Fall 2016 HVAC Checklist

With Chicago getting its first wave of fall-like weather this week, it’s time to prepare your HVAC units for the coziest time of year.

Fall 2016 HVAC Checklist

1. Check Your Air Filters
Be sure you know the condition of your air filters to determine whether they need to be cleaned or fully replaced. And the cleaner you keep your air filters, the lower your energy costs will be. Monthly cleanings are ideal as dust and debris tend to build up during cooler months.

2. Clear Your Airways
Just as your air filters can collect dust and debris, so can your airways. To get the most out of your heat, clear these on a regular basis.

3. Make Sure Your DUCTS Are in a Row

Another way to get the most out of your heating system – lean in and listen for any escaping air from your air ducts. Take it even further by getting a pressure test performed by a professional, and you can be certain your ducts are in the best shape for the fall.

Get Your HVAC Units Fall Ready.

4. Test Your Thermostat
No need for surprises when the time comes to heat up your home. Test out the heat before it becomes cold at least once. A temperature of 79 degrees or above will ensure that your thermostat is working properly.

5. Do a Mechanic Check
Be sure that the essential parts that help your HVAC run, like electrical connections, burner, belts, and exchangers, are working correctly. Without doing so, you can put your home at risk for an electrical fire.

6. Schedule an Appointment with a Professional
The most important tip of all! We recommend that you schedule an appointment before any extreme weather changes.

With a five-year apprenticeship program, our SMART technicians are equipped with the best knowledge and skillset to take care of any of your HVAC needs.

Be smart schedule your fall maintenance check with us today.