Fundamentals of HVAC

The Fundamentals of HVAC

In order to use and save on your heating and cooling systems efficiently, understanding the fundamentals of HVAC is key.

Why is it important to understand HVAC?

45% of your energy bill is spent on heating and cooling. This equates to an average of $2,000 annually.

In this case, it’s important to understand heating and cooling units’ cycles, as well as how ventilation plays a role in keeping these costs down and keeping your units running for as long as possible.


The Cooling Cycle

  • Your AC recycles the air that is currently in your home and repurposes it into cooler air.
  • Freon, the cooling agent, cools your entire home.
  • The cycle completes once the temperature you set is reached.

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The Heating Cycle

  • Your furnace draws outside air into a cabinet.
  • The outside air enters a cold-air return and then goes through a heat exchanger.
  • The heated air is then pushed and circulated around the room through the blower.

How to Save on Heating and Cooling

  • Adjusting your thermostat rather than completely shutting it off will help your units recycle air quicker and preserve energy.
  • Have your home properly sealed and insulated to preserve air and prevent it from escaping.
  • Making sure your AC doesn’t have leaks will help Freon cool your home easier.

Other Important Tips to Help You Save

  • Pay attention to the SEER ratings for an efficient system. The higher the SEER rating, the better.
  • Maintain your units regularly. Have them serviced two to three times a year and before extremely hot and cold periods of the season hit.
  • Change your filters on a monthly basis.


When referring to HVAC, ventilation is the process that produces quality air flow. Using ventilation tools is just as important to helping you save.

Mechanical Ventilation

  • This comes from fans. This type of ventilation uses outside air and reuses it to make fresh air circulate around the area.

Natural Ventilation

  • This would come from open windows and doors. This type of ventilation is beneficial as it allows the home to rid itself of pollutants that can build up over time.

The best way to save is to understand and maintain your HVAC units. And when it’s time to service your units, you know who to contact.