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How to Get the Most Out of Your Heating System

The last thing you want to happen in the winter time is to have your furnace go out. Keeping your furnace clean and operating properly can improve its longevity and ensure that you won’t have any worries this winter.

According to Forbes, there are a few things you can do to improve your heating system. Unless your system is brand new, you should have trained professionals clean and inspect it annually. A well-trained technician will make sure that your system is clean and running efficiently.

You should also always make safety a priority. Some furnaces are in the basement, and people have a tendency to have stuff pile up down there. Make sure there is a clear area around your furnace to avoid any fire hazards.

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A great way to save money on your heating or AC bills is to install a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats let you control the temperature during certain times of the day, so when you aren’t home during the day, you can keep the house cooler in winter or warmer in the summer and save some money.

Changing your filters is also a great way to keep your forced air furnace running smoothly. In most cases you can change your furnace filter yourself, check to see if yours is dirty or dusty, change it as required. Clogged filters can lead to an inefficient system, higher energy consumption, and premature breakdowns.

Our contractors will ensure that your heating system is working correctly, safely and efficiently. If you have any other questions about your HVAC system, we can answer them.

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DIY HVAC Solutions: Do’s and Don’ts

HVAC systems are undoubtedly an essential part of our everyday lives, but we often forget that they are systems composed of intricate moving parts.

Poorly functioning or broken down HVAC systems can definitely be frustrating, but before impulsively deciding to remedy the issue yourself, consider first what you can and can’t do. While there are issues that you can certainly handle independently, there are others that are best left out of your hands and into those of a skilled professional.



  • Attempt to replace existing parts or install new ones

Not every HVAC is built the same, so it’s unwise to assume that any two parts are exactly alike. Further, any given part may not serve the purpose that a website lists. It’s best to have your system’s parts examined by a licensed technician so that they can meet the needs of your specific unit.

  • Handle electrical connections

Electric currents that run through HVAC systems have high voltages. Attempting to tighten or disconnect electrical wires could result in a serious accident.

  • Handle refrigerant chemicals

While it may seem easy to fix a refrigerant leak, to err on the side of caution, call a professional to handle this. Exposure to refrigerant chemicals can cause frostbite, respiratory problems, and skin irritation. They are also very harmful to the environment and should be disposed of properly.

  • Attempt to clean coil fins

These parts of your system are actually more fragile than you think. Using the wrong appliance to could result in damage.

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  • Check your thermostat

While this may seem obvious, this could be your easiest and quickest solution and should be examined first. Try adjusting the temperature or changing the batteries.

  • Check your fuse box

An HVAC system might be broken down, but it could be in perfect working condition. Make sure that your fuse box is working properly before attempting to fix the system itself.

  • De-clutter the area surrounding your unit

This fix is easy enough. Head to your backyard and dust or vacuum the blower wheel on top of your system. For good measure, remove any leaves or furniture that could be crowding the condenser.

  • Change the air filters

Air filters should be changed on a monthly basis. This can improve air quality and flow in your home or business.


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