New AC Unit

When Should You Buy a New AC Unit?

With fluctuating weather coming over the last few days of spring, making sure your air conditioning unit is up to par is important. Considering that you may not have cranked your AC in a while, there’s a possibility that you may be overdue for a new one. If that’s the case, you’re probably wondering where to start. No need to worry; we have a checklist that will make sure you know when you need to replace your AC, as well as what to look for when you do.

#1: When Should You Replace Your AC Unit?

    • If your AC unit is more than 12 years old. These units may have older technology that is costlier for you in the long run, such as Freon refrigerant, which is much less efficient and causes high repair costs.
    • If there are problems with your blower motor, compressor, and condenser. These are typically less than 50% of your entire unit’s cost, so they’re worth replacing.
    • If your unit is less than a 13 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) rating. AC units can have up to a 20 SEER rating, and the better your unit will run, the less it’ll cost you down the line.
    • If you’ve had three or more prior repairs to the unit.
    • If your unit is over-sized or under-sized. Incorrectly-sized units can cause lack of humidity control or unit failure.

#2: What Should You Consider When Replacing Your AC Unit?

Green Options
Green options, like SEER ratings, are important factors in saving you money. Look for greener heat pumps, ductless systems, and systems using geothermal energy.

To get a properly sized AC unit, have your unit sized according to the guidelines from Manual J of the Air Conditioner Contractors of America. Then, have it sized based on the latent and sensible cooling load.

Easy Maintenance

Ensure the parts that need cleaning, such as the inside coil and air filter, are easily accessible on the unit. Cleaning the unit every summer, or when it’s dirty, will help you avoid repairs or having to replace it frequently.


Make sure the unit can be placed in areas away from the sun, but not completely covered in shade, such as the north or east side of your home. This will ensure the unit has plenty of air circulating through it.

Our highly educated and skilled contractors will ensure that you have the right installation to save you time and maintenance on your new AC unit. There’s a $200 rebate in it for you, too. Contact us to get your AC installed today.


AC System Freezing Up

Why Is My AC System Freezing Up?

As the weather continues to warm up, your AC system will undoubtedly experience an increased workload. While the glorious feeling of an air conditioned home is one of the summer’s most comforting feelings, the mishaps that can come with it are enough to offset the benefits as a whole.

Among those, the dreaded frozen AC system.

There are a variety of possibilities that can cause your AC system to freeze up. In almost all cases, it’s important that you don’t attempt to tackle these on your own, as they will require the help of an experienced professional.

Dirty Evaporator Coil

Over time, your evaporator coil will acquire a buildup of dirt and dust. You can identify this issue by checking the status of your air filter. If the filter is clean and the you’re still experiencing decreased airflow, your evaporator coil is a likely culprit.

Fortunately, evaporator coils don’t become dirty enough to make a significant difference overnight. However, it can be difficult to identify its effectiveness until it’s too late. A SMART contractor can help.

Low Refrigerant

Over time, system wear and tear can cause leaks in your refrigerant line. While a variety of causes can be attributed to a leak, it can also lead to your system freezing up. Judging on the age of the system and location of the leak, you may be able to repair it, but in some cases, you may need to buy a new system entirely.

Impaired Blower Motor or Relay

If your blower motor is not running at the correct speed, your system could freeze up. In some cases, the speed of the blower motor may vary, which can cause problems as well. A defective relay can also cause issues with both stopping and starting, but these can be difficult to diagnose. Contact us, and we’ll help get it fixed in no time.

SMART Customer Appreciation

SMART Customer Appreciation

We pride ourselves on being able to serve our customers with the best value, service, and knowledge.

We are able to provide great value through our rebate program, which gives discounts for your heating and cooling needs. Through our partnerships with SMACNA Greater Chicago Chapter and SMART Local 265 union, as well as providing our contractors with continuing education programs, we ensure that you are given the most knowledgeable contractors and quality service.

We appreciate our customers greatly, and we’re pleased to find that they appreciate us just as much.

In honor of our amazing customers, we’d like to showcase a few of the wonderful letters we have received.

“Dear Friends,

Please forgive the lateness in sending this letter to you. Thank you for the rebate I received when purchasing my new air conditioning system in late Fall last year. I’m so very grateful – you folks don’t HAVE to offer rebates and yet you did. It was a nice surprise when determining the cost. The rebate saved me a lot of money.

Thank you not only for the rebate but for all that the Sheet Metal Workers do. The workers who installed my air conditioning system were professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. They definitely knew what they were doing and offered advice that wasn’t intended to get more money out of me – simply trying to help me get the most out of my system. Their set up and clean up was perfect, and they took the time to explain the new features without my having to read the manual immediately.

My dad is a union carpenter and I appreciate how hard tradesmen work. The Sheet Metal Workers 265 must be proud of their history. As far as I’m concerned, with men such as the ones that helped me, the future is strong, too.

To the office staff there in Carol Stream and to the workers out in the field… I thank you for your dedication and hard work and for doing it with kindness.”


I received your check #38408 dated 1-15-2016 for a rebate on utilizing union labor. What a nice way to remind people of the benefits of using trained union labor to receive quality work. Thanks very much.”

“Thank you for the excellent service! It was great having David do the work!”

Thank you to our wonderful customers for taking the time to write such thoughtful letters. Also, thank you to our contractors for always putting the best interests of our customers first, never cutting corners in providing knowledgeable advice and professional service, and always showcasing how much they truly enjoy their careers.

We look forward to showing more customer appreciation through even more rebates in the future!