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Five AC Techniques for Staying Cool This Summer

Summertime heat is nearing its peak, with close to triple-digit temperatures threatening some serious overtime on your AC unit. These simple cooling tips are sure to save you money and extend the life of your air conditioner.

Professional tune-up
We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, AC units function at a higher efficiency when provided with annual tune-ups. A simple tune-up in many cases can save up to five percent on your electric bill, offsetting the cost of the service.

Regular cleaning
Yep, that’s right your AC unit necessitates regular cleaning both inside and outside. Expect to change the filters about once a month, but be sure not to let it go more than 60 days. Take time to maintain the outside of your unit as well; examples include hosing off your condenser and sweeping around and under it to keep it free from dirt. Keeping your unit in a shaded area helps to reduce the intensity at which the unit has to work to continue cooling.

Programmable thermostat
A programmable thermostat is a great investment for automating your home temperature throughout the day, while allowing for savings on the power bill. Replace your system when you start to discover system degrade—don’t end up stranded on a triple-digit heat wave to replace or repair your system.

Check for leaks
Ensure unit is working effectively by checking hoses for any leakage on the outside of your house. If vents are leaking, make sure you seal to allow cool air to travel to your home properly.

Alternative cooling ideas
Using different methods to cool your home when temperatures are less intense is a great way to give your AC a break. Look to install ceiling fans and heavy drapes to keep rooms at a more comfortable temperature. Finally, its summer, so time to fire up the grill and leave the oven until temperatures cool. By avoiding the oven in the summer, it keeps your kitchen cooler.

Hopefully these tips are beneficial for enjoying this summer weather in the comforts of perfect room temperatures, all season long. Call I Want Smart today, and let professional and passionate HVAC experts bring you the best-in-market air conditioning.

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Preventive HVAC Maintenance is a Cost-effective Investment

Summers in Chicago can reach 100+ degrees and sweltering humidity. Now imagine that you’re returning home from a 10-hour day and greeted by an AC outage—the kids are complaining and the unit is unrepairable. Investing in proper preventive HVAC maintenance could have avoided this untimely and costly emergency repair.

Perhaps you own commercial real estate, and you are trying to lease an office space that lacks proper ventilation and air circulation. No one is going to want to work in that space, let alone lease it. Employing a predictive HVAC maintenance program is essential for not only preventing emergency repairs, but also extending your equipment’s lifespan, reducing utility bills, and improving the building’s overall air quality.

The HVAC system is the building’s nerve center, its lifeblood. Without efficient heating, cooling and ventilation, a building would be uninhabitable. A well-maintained HVAC system removes stale gases from a building and provides a steady stream of fresh, oxygen-rich air. While the owner’s manual can help solve very basic tasks, it’s important to note that the HVAC system is extremely complex. A sloppy HVAC installation can result in faulty ductwork…among other things. Avoid costly and potentially hazardous mistakes, and receive the expert care you deserve from the professionals at I WANT SMART.

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