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Three Ways to Ensure Better AC Filtration

HVAC systems are challenging and can lead to unforeseen and frustrating disasters if not properly serviced. Perhaps the most important piece of equipment to keep well-maintained is an air conditioning filter. AC filters are essential to the proper running of your home’s cooling system, helping increase air flow and improving indoor air quality.

SMART has put together a guide to monitoring for better filtration and improving your home’s air quality and cooling.

Replacement Rate

HVAC experts advise examining your air conditioner’s filter once a month to determine if it’s running effectively, having a trained technician clean or replace the filter every 1-3 months. The frequency at which you should change you filter is determinant on a number of specific factors. Filters may need more frequent attention if the air conditioner is in constant use, is subjected to dusty conditions, and if you have pets or family members who smoke in the house.

MERV Rating

All filters have an efficiency rating to determine its effectiveness at cooling. A Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV rating) is a standard to rate the overall effectiveness of air filters. Filters are given a MERV rating on a scale of 1 to 16 for efficiency, with higher values equating to filtration that prevents more dust particles and airborne contaminants from getting through.

Variations in Efficiency

It’s important to know that there are a variety of AC filter types and efficiencies to choose from. Some filters’ efficiency ratings are too high for particular units and can actually have a negative effect on its performance. A filter that is too large or small for your system will block the flow of air. If necessary, consult your local HVAC technician to inquire about installing a separate filtration system for better air quality.

Improve the AC efficiency in your home. Contact a SMART technician today to schedule service of your HVAC system and ensure the AC filtration is running smoothly during the summer months.

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Giving Back the SMART Way

There are plenty of reasons to choose a SMART contractor, but have you heard about how we give back to the community? When an opportunity to sponsor a Jr. League baseball team from the east side of Joliet came up, I Want SMART jumped on it. Belmont Little League has advanced to the Illinois State Tournament to continue their fight to play Michigan for the Little League World Series on Friday, July 24th. With the high costs of hotels, food and gas to get the team there they had to put a slight hold on going. I Want SMART knows the importance and impact that this type of experience has on kids and that’s why it was a given to make a donation to the team. With the help of I Want SMART, Belmont Little League was able to get to the tournament and fight for a win against Michigan!

Let us know if you would like to help donate to this cause or if you have another cause you would like I Want SMART to donate to.

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4 Practices to Keep Pets Cool This Summer

Summer is a great time to enjoy outdoor activities with your pet, from hiking to playing Frisbee to going for a sunset run. However, every pet owner should be aware of the many health risks associated with too much heat exposure. Exposing your pet to excessive sun and high temperatures without proper defense can lead to sunburned skin, heat stroke, exhaustion, dehydration, and in extreme cases death. Protect your pet’s well-being with these top four summer-savvy tips.

Turn up the AC
Animals are unable to cool themselves properly in excessive heat and humidity, so it’s important as a pet owner to provide a cool and comfortable living space for your pet. Heat stroke can set in at temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and above. Before leaving the house, check the forecast and set the thermostat to an appropriate temperature. By keeping the air conditioning running while you are out, it will ensure your pet’s body temperature stays at a safe level.
Never leave your pet in a parked car on a hot day without the air conditioning running. Experts advise owners to leave pets at home in the AC, rather than risk putting the animal at harm. Even with leaving a window cracked, the temperature inside your vehicle can reach dangerous levels.

Prepare for power outages
Chicago has seen heightened levels of rain this summer and a few intense storms. In case of a potential power outage, owners should create a disaster plan to keep pets safe from overheating and other temperature-related complications. This plan can include having a battery-operated desk fan on hand, chilling freezer packs to place in their beds, standby home generator, and keeping drapes and curtains closed. It’s important to keep air circulating, even during power outages.

Plenty of water available
Dehydration is one of the main things that can plague a pet during the summer. Owners should ensure pets have adequate amounts of fresh and clean water readily available to them.

Keep them indoors
While your pet might want to run around outside, you should limit their exercise outdoors to times during the day when the sun is not at its hottest. Early in the morning or in the evening is the optimal time, as the outdoor temperature will have naturally cooled down. Other than that, they should be kept inside.

It’s vital to keep your pet safe and hydrated when humidity or temperatures reach dangerous highs. I Want Smart is committed to helping families—including your furry best friends—stay safe, comfortable and cool during the summer months.

Keep your family and pets cool this summer and contact an I Want Smart technician near you for a consultation, installation, maintenance check or repair.