HVAC Tips to Survive Extremely Cold Temperatures

Extreme Cold HVAC Tip #1.

Drop Your Thermostat a Few Degrees: I Want Smart recommends dropping your thermostat from your currently desired level by 3-5 degrees. This is going to allow your furnace to not work as hard as it currently is to keep your home warm. With the average household keeping their furnace set in the high 60’s and low 70’s, dropping your thermostat 3-5 degrees will be a rather unnoticeable change that will help keep your furnace running.

Extreme Cold HVAC Tip #2.

Check Your Furnace Filters: Just to remind everyone, regardless of what time of the year it is, everyone should be replacing their furnace filter at least once a month to prevent buildup of debris and making your furnace run harder than necessary. However, during extremely cold times, your furnace will be running longer than usual which could cause there to be more debris than usual that builds up on your filter. You may have to replace your furnace filter more than once a month during extended periods of cold weather. We highly recommend keeping an eye on your furnace filter to make sure that it isn’t dirty on a daily basis during periods of extremely cold temperatures.

Extreme Cold HVAC Tip #3.

Keep All Exhaust Vents Clear: It is very important to understand how your furnace’s exhaust is vented. A great example is that of 90% Efficiency Furnaces. 90% Efficiency Furnaces are mostly vented through PVC pipe where it exits your home outside shortly above ground level. It is very important to check and see if that area is clear of snow and ice, otherwise the buildup will block the exhaust and cause your furnace to not function properly.

Extreme Cold HVAC Tip #4.

Your Furnace May Still Not Warm Normally: It is entirely possible that your furnace may not be able to get your home’s temperature raised to your desired temperature on your thermostat. We would like to advise you that if this is the case, please use space heaters as a last resort as there are several safety concerns about their use. If your furnace is not warming to your desired temperature, please contact a local Smart Contractor for all your HVAC needs.