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How To Prep Your HVAC System For Cooler Weather

It’s that time of year again. Temperatures are slowly starting to cool, with the daylight hours quickly getting shorter. As another Chicago summer comes to a close, now is the perfect time to transition your HVAC system to effectively heat your home during the cold weather months.

These simply guidelines from the professionals at I Want Smart will have you resting warm and cozy inside your home this winter.

Schedule System Maintenance
It’s vital to have an HVAC technician run a full maintenance checkup on your furnace to ensure it’s running smoothly, checking that no repairs or replacements are needed before the temperatures drop. Autumn and spring are the most effective times of the year to have maintenance done. The reason is that these months put the least amount of pressure of your systems because temperatures don’t hit extreme highs or lows.

Change Air Filters
A simply solution to staying toasty this winter is changing your air filter. A dirty, poorly maintained air filter can wreak havoc on your furnace because it is forced to work harder for the same heat output. Not routinely changing your filters will also increase your electricity costs. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on more expensive heating, take the family ice skating in Millennium Park or spend a weekend skiing at a cozy lodge in the Upper Peninsula.

Perform Repairs & Replacements
Imagine heating that spits out cool air on a chilly fall day, or worse a furnace that completely breaks down on an icy winter night. Making necessary repairs to your HVAC system or replacing a piece of equipment that is no longer running at optimal levels is the best way to save money over the long term. One easy way to keep the heat in this winter is to seal up any leaks from cracks in the doors and windows caused by age and weathering.

Install a Programmable Thermostat
Another measure to keeping your house comfortable while saving money is a programmable thermostat. This provides the option of automating the temperature to when you are home, programming the thermostat to output heat when you return from work and then lowering it while you sleep.

Let I Want Smart help your home stay toasty this fall and winter, while saving big on your HVAC maintenance and preventive services. Take advantage of three exclusive rebates currently being offered to I Want Smart customers for furnace/AC replacements and a comprehensive systems checkup.

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I Want Smart Rebrands Company, Unveils New Logo and Website

I Want SMART Rebrands!

Announcing a recent rebranding effort, I Want Smart reveals a revamped brand identity reflected through a new, bolder logo and streamlined website. The rebranding debuted late July 2015 and is part of a transition to broaden market reach and appeal to a younger, more tech-savvy demographic.

I Want Smart launched with a single purpose, to develop a user-friendly digital marketplace that connects homeowners with professional HVAC contractors and quality service. Today, the brand has grown to a large network of industry-leading HVAC contractors servicing all of northeastern Illinois.

Logo redesign was the first component of the company’s new brand identity. The new logo keeps I Want Smart’s blue and green color scheme, while introducing a more contemporary look for a sleek and modern update. Design modifications to the logo were subtle and focused on expressing the unique value proposition, while remaining consistent with the company ideals. The logo kept the existing tagline and outer circle, which both represent a total commitment to industry-best service and support of our customers.

The redesigned website (www.iwantsmart.com) incorporates the look and feel of the new I Want Smart brand and serves as a better functioning online resource for local homeowners and partnering HVAC contractors. Advancements to the website make it easier to navigate across all pages, and an update to the inquiry portal has provided easier access for homeowners, contractors and technicians to contact the company.

This rebranding effort represents the company’s evolution into a dynamic full-scale HVAC solution, with an expectation to further expand the existing network of contractors. I Want Smart looks forward to taking business to the next level in future years, while maintaining a history of quality, valuable and trustworthy service.

Learn more about the I Want Smart brand by navigating our newly launched website, and follow the Company blog for future updates, news alerts, and key tips on HVAC maintenance.