Spring HVAC Checklist

Your Spring HVAC Checklist

It’s always nice to swing into the spring season and come out of hibernation with a full head of steam. Ideally, you’d like your HVAC systems to do the same, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the likely outcome.

That doesn’t mean it can’t happen, however. While in the midst of your spring-cleaning sessions, take a look at your systems and add these items to your spring HVAC checklist.

It’s Time for a Checkup

First things first, always check both your heating and cooling equipment at the beginning of a new season.

Check out both your outdoor AC Unit and your indoor HVAC system. Are they heating/cooling your home properly? Are either of them making strange sounds? Do you smell anything abnormal coming from them?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, it could be time for professional help.

Change Your Filters

Depending on the type of filters you have, you may have to change them as much as once per month. (You can see our recommendations for filter changes here). While this might seem like quite a bit of labor on your part, it can save quite a bit of money in the long run.

Dirt and dust can obstruct your HVAC system’s airflow, leading to a less efficient machine. Anytime your systems aren’t running in tip-top shape, they require more energy to heat or cool your home properly.

More energy = a higher electric bill. You do the math.

Spring Cleaning

All of your indoor HVAC components should be cleaned and lubricated to ensure that they’re operating at maximum efficiency. Blower fans and coils need to be dust and dirt free to perform at the highest level.

Outdoor systems need to undergo the same treatment, but there are other factors to consider as well. Wind and rain can carry sticks, leaves, grass, mulch, and other common outdoor home items into the crevices in your system. Like we mentioned earlier, any obstruction of airflow is detrimental to your HVAC efforts.

If either of these processes seem a little bit out of your league, don’t fret. A SMART contractor can perform a system clean and check for you, and right now we’re offering a $50 rebate for those services.