Busting Six Common A/C Myths You (May) Believe

C’mon. Admit it. There are A/C myths you may have heard about the way you should maintain it, or health risks. But before you take someone’s word for it, let our trained and trusted SMART experts fill you in on the truth.

Here are six common myths people believe about A/Cs:

Myth: You should turn your A/C off when you leave home.

Not true! People commonly believe that leaving your air conditioner on when you’re not home is costly. The truth of the matter is, making a hot home cool again uses more energy, which will cost you money! Instead, you should set your thermostat temperature 3° to 6° higher while you’re away.

Myth: You should leave your fan on to cool your home when you’re gone.

Not true! Fans and air conditioning units are different: your fan only cools people and the A/C cools both people and rooms.Use your fan alone while you’re gone, and your home will still be hot when you return. By the way, make sure your fan is rotating counter-clockwise to ensure it cools (people) properly.

Myth: Your A/C can give you a cold.

Not true! You’re more likely to catch a cold from being outdoors in the winter than from your air conditioning. Stay healthy by bundling up in winter — and regularly maintaining your air conditioner to prevent dirty air from circulating around your home.

Myth: The placement of your Thermostat doesn’t matter.

Not true! Keep your thermostat out of direct sunlight or shady areas. Placing lamps and TVs near it can fool a thermostat. And your outdoor unit isn’t exempt. Placing this unit in direct sunlight can also affect outdoor-to-indoor exchange efficiency.

Myth: Getting the biggest A/C unit you can get will keep you the coolest.

Not true! A too-large unit needs more energy and electricity to run, which could definitely spike your electric bill. A too-small unit need to run much longer — which also costs too much. There’s a science to calculating the cubic footage of your home, your window exposure, and the BTUs needed for your home size and insulation. There’s always a “Goldilocks” size unit that’s perfect for you. Your IwantSMART.com expert can guide you.

Myth: It’s simple to service your A/C.

Not true! Don’t trust a rookie! You should have your A/C serviced by a SMART professional at least once a year. Having your unit cleaned and maintained allows it to run efficiently. A technician can catch potential issues early on to avoid problems that could develop during the offseason. 

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