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The value of preventative maintenance and the return on investment by having your system clean and checked is important to everyone. We have partnered up with the SMARTest contractors in the industry and can now offer you a special rebate incentive. Simply complete and print the form below and have your service performed by one of our SMART Contractors. In the event you have 2 systems being cleaned and checked, you must submit 2 separate completed rebate forms. Mail your completed rebate form(s) to us and we will send you a check in the mail. It’s that simple!
Be sure to tell the SMART Contractor about this rebate when you contact them.  Thank you for being a SMART Consumer!!
Note: There is a maximum of 2 clean and check rebates per residence per season. Each submitted form must be complete in its entirety. Incomplete rebate forms will not be processed. Each piece of equipment has a value of $50. The maximum rebate value is $100 per residence, per season. The rebate form by itself has no monetary value. The rebate value will only be paid if the form is complete, meets the criteria set for by I Want SMART and is mailed to I Want SMART Rebate Processing, 205 Alexandria Way, Carol Stream IL. 60188